Yacon Syrup Extract

As per Doctor OZ, Yacon Syrup is the next big thing in weight loss.

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yacon rootYacon is a root that is found in the South Americas, Andes mountains to be exact, and has been used by the locals for hundreds of years as a part of their regular diet. This root is proving to be the next big thing is promoting not just any weight loss but healthy way to lose weight. While some diet or weight loss products and supplements found in the market these days are only good for losing weight, this Yacon plant root found to be supporting human digestion system as well as to be regulating blood sugar. Where people were resorting to supplements and pills for decades to lose weight and regulate blood sugar, Yacon root can do both herbally and naturally.

Various Uses of Yacon Plant Root


Across South America, different counties have been using Yacon root for different reasons for hundreds of years. People is Peru have been eating Yacon root for its nutritional properties as it provides them with some calories and regulate blood sugar. In Bolivia, this root is being eaten by locals that have diabetes along with other digestive issues and kidney malfunction. People in Brazil on the other hand have been using the dried leaves of Yacon plant to make Yacon tea as it has been proven to act as an antidiabetic agent. So we can see that traditionally people in the south Americas have been using this Yacon root and leaves to promote healthy digestive system and regular blood sugar in diabetic people. However, recent studies have proved that pure Yacon Syrup or Yacon syrup extract can also aid in losing weight. Various Yacon syrup reviews only say good things about this.

How they get Yacon Syrup Extract

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The process of making Yacon syrup extract is similar to making maple syrup which is by using evaporator. The sap is extracted from the Yacon root which is then processed using an evaporator to form condensed syrup that is known as Yacon syrup or Yacon syrup extract. The syrup is sweet in taste and tastes somewhat similar to molasses or caramelized sugar.

Yacon Syrup Ingredients

Syrup extracted from Yacon root contains up to 50% of fructooligosaccharides or FOS. FOS is also sometimes called as oligofructose or oligofructan which is an alternative sweetener. It has the sweetness level of 30% – 40% of the sugar that is found in commercially produced syrup. Yacon root consists of mainly free fructose at around 35 percent level. A study done by Yoshida et al. back in 2002, enzyme solution found in Yacon was proved to be a better antioxidant than enzyme solutions found in many other fruits and vegetables.

Yacon Syrup Where to Buy

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More about Yacon root and Yacon fruit

yacon syrup extractYacon is a perennial tuber plant that is mostly grown in South America. Main fruit is the root of the plant which looks more like a large potato (one of those Yukon Gold Potatoes if you know how that looks like). When it comes to growing, growing this plant is much similar to growing Jerusalem artichoke. However, when it comes to taste, it somewhat tastes like pears. So you see, this Yacon root looks like something, grows like something else, and tastes like another fruit.

If you dig the Yacon root out of the ground, you will see that it resembles a large Yukon Gold or Idaho potato that is suitable to go in to the oven for baking. Don’t be deceived by the look of this plant however. If you pay close attention to how the plant tastes like, you will be able to identify few different flavours within this single Yacon fruit. You will be able to identify a hint of apple, a hint of watermelon, a hint of cherry and a hint of pear. With all these fruity flavours within a single fruit, Yacon roots are pleasantly juicy.

Yacon is a Inca term which means water root. With the amount of refreshing juices found in this fruit, the fruit was named just right by the locals.

Due to the hard texture of the outer layer of the fruit, it was not very easy for the fruit to get damaged or crushed for which Yacon fruit was very popular among the travellers as a thirst quenching option. And we already discussed earlier that the juice from this Yacon fruit can be concentrated to produce Yacon syrup.

Due to several health benefits associated with this fruit, this Yacon syrup quickly became a popular dietary supplement throughout the world. This fruit is very rich in indigestible sugar, also known as insulin. In other words, the produced syrup comes with a taste of honey or molasses or maple syrup but only without the calorie part. People with diabetes can easily add this Yacon syrup on the food or tea or coffee without having to worry about any adverse affects sugar would produce. Yacon syrup can also aid the beneficial bacteria in the stomach and the colon that boost the immune system and helps with digestion.

How to Grow Yacon

yacon-fruitAs said earlier, Yacon is a perennial plant meaning once you plant this fruit tree, you will be harvesting years to come given that you take proper care of it. Since Yacon is grown in the mountains and wilderness, some say no taking care is needed for this plant but with some care, you are guaranteed to harvest for years to come.

Since this plant is grown in wilderness, it can be said that this plant is very easy to grow. As long as there is sufficient rain water and decent but not extreme heat, this plant will grow. There is no need to grow this plant is any special type soil as this plant will grow in pretty much on all soil types.

While it is relatively easy to grow, the plant will require long summer for it to fruit. In some parts of the world where summer is relatively shorter, like in some parts in Canada, it is not ideal to grow Yacon there. This plant starts to grow in early spring when growth can be somewhat slow. However, when the weather warms up a bit in the early summer, the plant starts getting covered in leaves giving it a luscious look. Yacon plant can grow as much as 2+ meters in height. The plant starts flowering in autumn but the main fruit is not the flower or above the plant, the root under the soil is the edible part.

While looking under the soil, one will see 2 sets of growth there. One is on the top layer right under the soil which is smaller thinner looking roots that is actually the seeds for next years growth. The thicker potato looking roots under those are the main edible Yacon root.

You can buy Yacon syrup plants if it is available in your local nursery or if you know someone who has been planting Yacon, you can get the main plant including the smaller tubers/roots that are used for propagation divided nicely so that they can be planted. Just like any other plants, Yacon syrup plants can be grown effectively with a decent harvest if some compost fertilizer is added to the soil. If no luck with the local nursery or if you don’t know anyone who has Yacon plants whom you can get the roots from, you can search the internet for Yacon syrup where to buy and you will come across many results.

Given that you have planted Yacon plants and successfully transitioned it to autumn, now its time to harvest. Yacon syrup roots can go deep down in the soil so it is ideal to use a fork to carefully dig the roots out of the soil. If you are experienced planting potatoes, carrots etc that grow under the soil, you experience here will come in handy while harvesting Yacon roots.

Once the harvesting is done, you can separate the bigger roots that are edible parts that you can eat or make Yacon syrup out of from the top thinner tubers that will be used for next year’s planting. You need to store the thinner roots in a way so that they don’t dry out. Some keep them wrapped in damp cloths while some keep them under moist sand.

How to eat Yacon

Since you went through all the efforts of planting and harvesting the Yacon plants, now its time to enjoy your harvest. You can eat Yacon roots in many different ways. Some eat them raw the way it is. Since the roots are juicy and fruity flavored, they can be eaten the way it is for sure. However, there are brave souls that go to the whole nine yards to make special dishes using various Yacon recipes. Not to mention making Yacon syrup from the root is one of the most common uses of Yacon.

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