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yacon rootYacon is a root that is found in the South Americas, Andes mountains to be exact, and has been used by the locals for hundreds of years as a part of their regular diet. This root is proving to be the next big thing is promoting not just any weight loss but healthy way to lose weight. While some diet or weight loss products and supplements found in the market these days are only good for losing weight, this Yacon plant root found to be supporting human digestion system as well as to be regulating blood sugar. Where people were resorting to supplements and pills for decades to lose weight and regulate blood sugar, Yacon root can do both herbally and naturally.

Various Uses of Yacon Plant Root


Across South America, different counties have been using Yacon root for different reasons for hundreds of years. People is Peru have been eating Yacon root for its nutritional properties as it provides them with some calories and regulate blood sugar. In Bolivia, this root is being eaten by locals that have diabetes along with other digestive issues and kidney malfunction. People in Brazil on the other hand have been using the dried leaves of Yacon plant to make Yacon tea as it has been proven to act as an antidiabetic agent. So we can see that traditionally people in the south Americas have been using this Yacon root and leaves to promote healthy digestive system and regular blood sugar in diabetic people. However, recent studies have proved that pure Yacon Syrup or Yacon syrup extract can also aid in losing weight. Various Yacon syrup reviews only say good things about this.

How they get Yacon Syrup Extract

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The process of making Yacon syrup extract is similar to making maple syrup which is by using evaporator. The sap is extracted from the Yacon root which is then processed using an evaporator to form condensed syrup that is known as Yacon syrup or Yacon syrup extract. The syrup is sweet in taste and tastes somewhat similar to molasses or caramelized sugar.

Yacon Syrup Ingredients

Syrup extracted from Yacon root contains up to 50% of fructooligosaccharides or FOS. FOS is also sometimes called as oligofructose or oligofructan which is an alternative sweetener. It has the sweetness level of 30% – 40% of the sugar that is found in commercially produced syrup. Yacon root consists of mainly free fructose at around 35 percent level. A study done by Yoshida et al. back in 2002, enzyme solution found in Yacon was proved to be a better antioxidant than enzyme solutions found in many other fruits and vegetables.

Yacon Syrup Where to Buy

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